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Are you looking for the best video converter for your smart Android device? Then try Peggo apk, and this is the most compatible video converter to convert youtube videos and SoundCloud tracks to MP3s and MP4s.


Peggo apk is a  DVR – Digital Video Recorder. This is entirely free, and now it is compatible with each and every smartphone, tablet to convert videos. The Peggo application includes several facilities and options to doubled the app performances. Some of the famous facilities are volume normalization, and information directly discovers option, useless silence removal, option for integrated search, creative person, options for subtracting offsets, and title tags.

What is Peggo apk?

Although we talk about Peggo Apk for Android, this application supports both Android and iOS users. Both users have the freedom to user Peggo apk on their smartphone devices. This is a simple tool that was designed with the best opportunities to convert your most famous and favorite YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks to  MP3 formats and MP4 formats. The app freely available, and now you can enjoy it without following difficult procedures.

Features of Peggo Apk

To convert  Youtube and SoundCloud tracks to MP3s and MP4s, Peggo Apk is the best solution for you. The application designed with tons of features and among them some of the most important features mentioned below.

  • Best way to converting Youtube and SoundCloud tracks to MP3s and MP4s
  • Video recording
  • Volume normalization
  • High-quality MP3 records
  • ID3 tags
  • Inbuilt search engine
  • Silence removal
  • Record audio at its best quality.
  • Bookmarklet
  • Discovery of Metadata
  • Support from Subtract

Download and install Peggo apk 

Android users now can easily follow the below steps to easily download and install Peggo apk. In the Google Play store, you cannot find Peggo apk. So you have to download the application from the internet directly. Here use the most trustworthy download link, and within a few seconds, you can complete the download process. Now you can try below steps to install the Peggo application.

Step 01. First, you have to download Peggo apk successfully.

Step 02. Now change your device settings. For that, go to settings. Then select security settings.   Enable unknown sources.  So put a tick on unknown sources to enable it. If you missed or ignored this step, the installation will block.

Step 03. Then close all the windows that you open. Now go to device downloads. Open the downloaded Peggo apk file. Double-tap on it.

Step 04. To continue the installation process, now users have to agree with the terms and conditions imposed by Peggo apk.  Tap on the “Agree” button and then continue the installation.

Now you successfully completed the download and installation. So enjoy the app while converting your favorite video in your free time.

Safety and legal sate of the Peggo apk

Peggo apk is a user-friendly application. Now it is compatible with smart Android devices, and users can easily handle the application as it is 100% safe. While using the application, it does not occur any harmful effects. So this is the most suitable application for Android users to convert videos.

When concerned about the legal status of the application, although it is not included in the Google play store, you can download the app without any legal issues.  It means this is not anymore an illegal process.

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