Picturethis Apk 1.10.3 Latest version free Download for Android [18.5MB]

For nature lovers, picturethis apk is a wonderful application with thousands of benefits. Here you can use this as an instructor to nature. While you walk through a forest, the beach now you can use this app to get to know everything about trees, flowers, weeds,  buds, and many other things about plants. In fact, for the kids, this app will be good enough to learn something more rather than other apps. So if you are an Android user, picturethis apk is a must application.

Picturethis Apk

Now Android users can freely download picturethis apk to your smart Android device. This is an Android-based application, and it is included in the Google Play store.  In fact, directly through the internet, now it is possible to get this application.

Picturethis APK Free Download

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What is picturethis apk?

Picturethis is the best way to identify plants using the device camera. Android users have the freedom to use this application here, you have to focus the camera on the relevant plant, and then you have to take a picture. After a few seconds now, you can get to know about all the details about the plant.

Using PictureThis app, now you can identify over  10,000 plant species. They provide reliable details with an accuracy of 98%. This is an artificial intelligence engine that updates the latest details from experts and specialists. So enjoy nature while having to learn everything. So enjoy Picturethis, hurry up and download it.

This is for…

Thousands of nature lovers’ choice is Picturethis application.  Here you can get something for education as well as entertainment.  So now it is available for the best use for nature lovers,

Plant researchers, teachers, photographers, travel enthusiasts, garden planners, kids and students, and many more interested users.

Picturethis Apk

Key Features of the picturethis apk

  • Ability to identify plants, flowers, and trees in a few seconds
  • Advanced artificial intelligence
  • Users can learn about plants
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • friendly guides
  • Quickly and easy to share photos
  • Connect with a growing community of plant lovers
  • Provides you, beautiful pictures in worldwide
  • Includes suggestions
  • Plant care tips
  • Water reminder
  • Advice  from horticulture specialists
  • Keep track of plants and more

There are other thousands of benefits. So now, you can easily download this fabulous application, and it is freely available for millions of users.

Download and install picturethis apk

To begin the process, here you can easily download picturethis apk from above download link.

  1. After that, you have to open the device settings to make some changes. Then go to security settings and enable unknown sources. For that, put a tick on “Unknown sources” option. This process is essential, and if you miss this step, you will get an error message.
  2. Now close all the open windows. Then open the downloaded picturethis apk file. You can easily find it from Downloads.
  3. Then click on the “install” option and agree with terms and conditions to get access permission.
  4. Finally, you have done it successfully.

So now, you can enjoy the picturethis app using on your smart Android device, and this is the best way to get into the Mature.

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