MiXplorer android apk latest version free download [2023]

The MiXplorer is a popular multitasking app. There are more types of services provided by this type of app. The MiXplorer acting as a file manager, root explorer as well as an achiever and even as a tag editor. Therefore the MiXplorer is providing its service in a very great way. Along with the MiXplorer app, there are more other apps that can be used for the increase in performance. The others are some types of paid apps that could be used with the MiXplorer. 

There are more improvements that can be seen with the latest version of the MiXplorer. For that, you have to install only the latest version. The latest version of it is 6.47.2. That is only about a 10 MB sized app. 

Features of the MiXplorer 

  • Best customization options 

There are many more customization options here. Select any color that you wanted to adjust. And access the other all edits to make your app more personal. That is allowed by the MiXplorer. 

  • Menu options 

There are more types of options provided by the MiXplorer. Actually all those are the specific services provided by the MiXplorer. There are sorting options and some more others can enable as well as disable. By those things, the app can be used productively. 


  • Unlimited browsing 

By using this app, each and everyone could get much more time for browsing. There can be dual panels placed in the landscape mode. The dragging and the dropping can be done by the MiXplorer. 

  • Creating tasks 

There are more tasks that can be created by MiXplorer. Here all users could find more multitasking options like copying and moving. And there are more other options that can be found by this MiXplorer. 

  • Diverse view modes 

There are more types of view modes that could be found out here. Those all view modes can be used to experience diverse feelings with the presence of these options. 

  • Bookmark drawer 

There is a bookmark drawer in here. That is to categorize file types. Here the all wanted file types are easily categorized. By using this feature, all users can explore what they want so quickly. 

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More facts and features about the MiXplorer android app

  • Advanced searching function 

All items can be explored very quickly by the MiXplorer. Therefore your time can be saved. Because any item can be explored at any time anywhere. 

  • Powerful editor

The MiXplorer is a powerful editor too. But most people aren’t aware of this specific feature. The texts can be edited by using this amazing app. Apart from the texts, the codes can be edited by using this MiXplorer app. 

  • Image viewer 

Any image in any format can be viewed by using this MiXplorer. There are no other problems occurring due to the format.

  • In-app purchases 

In order to use these all features included in the app, the users have to pay for it. It is not a very high amount. That is only about $4. 

  • Popularity 

Due to the features included here over 10,000 individuals have joined the app. If you haven’t joined it yet, this is the perfect time for it. 

  • Safety 

There are no harmful things contained in the app. That app has proved it is free from any harmful software. Therefore use it fearlessly. MiXporer

What’s new with the latest version of the MiXplorer? 

  • Added sticker support 
  • Improvements in the content viewer 
  • Addition of raw text 
  • Improvements of the client performance 
  • Fixed more bugs 

  The facts stated here are all essential details about the MiXplorer. Those all are needed while using this app. If you really think that this app is essential just download it and use it forever. If you are satisfied with the given details here share your idea with the other friends even. Expect for more updates on the app. 

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