Du Recorder APK – Free Download Best Screen Recording App For Android

Du Recorder is a free app for Android phones that lets you take screenshots and record what’s happening on your screen.

You can use it to create tutorials, presentations, and more. Instead of taking a screen capture with the camera, you just press a button.

Du Recorder

All the power of your phone’s camera will be focused on your screen and you get a quick little video clip with sound from your phone’s microphone.

Then you can share it through various apps on your phone. Du Recorder also lets you edit videos on your Android device.

Free Download Du Recorder App

Du Recorder is an easy-to-use app for Android that lets anyone record their phone screen and upload the video to YouTube.

The app is free, includes a built-in editor, and has the ability to share on various social media platforms.

Features include a free, no ads-built-in editor for trimming, cropping, and adding text-upload to YouTube without needing an account

Du Recorder free Android screen recorder app that captures high-quality, compressed videos and screenshots.

The app allows you to record your screen, add voice-over or comment, and share it with the world.


  • Captures high-quality, compressed videos, and screenshots.
  • Quickly record your screen for social media, lectures, or presentations.
  • Connect to a microphone to record voiceovers and comments.
  • Share your videos or screenshots with the world.

Du Recorder screen recording app for Android allows you to record your screen and create videos for tutorials, demos or simply capture your gameplay.

The app has various features such as displaying an overlay with time, an FPS counter, and more.

It also shows the battery level and storage space in the notification bar while recording.

You can choose to capture sound along with your video, as well as launch another app or toggle the microphone as you please.

Other Features of the Du Recorder App include,

  • Record your screen or a screencast with sound (voice or music playback) and save it in .mp4 format.
  • Record games, create demos and tutorials, create ringtones, and edit videos on the go!
  • Simple interface that doesn’t get in the way of recording.

Du Recorder Android app records your screen and saves the video in a variety of formats for later use.

It has a few different functionalities that make it useful for both gamers and business owners such as providing animated GIFs, time-lapse recordings, and fast-forwarding through long videos.

Du Recorder is the best way to record your Android screen.

This app can record your whole screen, parts of it, or audio from a microphone.

You can create animated GIFs, videos, and more all from the app

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