Friday Night Funking Dancing Game Free Download 2023

Friday Night Funking is a rhythm game that’s inspired by the disco era of the 70s and 80s.

This exciting new game is perfect for players who love to groove, shake their booty and get down to some funky beats.

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Friday Night Funking can be played with friends or by yourself for some friendly competition.

What Is Friday Night Funking?

Friday Night Funking is a rhythm-based dance game with a unique sci-fi twist with over 1000+ songs and 30+ levels.

Players can dance to their favorite tracks in the game, complete missions and unlock new customization options.

There are also weekly challenges where players can compete for the most popular moves in the game each week.

Additionally this game is available for iPad as well as iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

Friday Night Funking is a dance video game that simulates the experience of popping and locking.

It’s designed to be played at clubs or parties, where players can dance to some of their favorite music and compete for high scores with friends or online.

The game features six unique songs, each with its own unique gameplay style and the players can choose from a variety of exaggerated dance moves, like the moonwalk and the pelvis thrust; they’re also able to use their own custom.

The Friday Night Funking rhythm dancing video game is a game in which you have to dance to the music and the game gets harder as the difficulty level increases.

This video game was developed by a group of RIT students for one purpose – to encourage people to participate in something outside of their comfort zones and have fun!

This awesome new game is good for players who love to groove and dance get down to some amazing beates inside the app.



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